Posters presented at the I Jornadas Doctorales UPV/EHU (2016)

  • Nº C21 "Dissection of the DF27 paternal lineage in South-Western Europe".
  • Nº C25 "Relationship between gene expression of stearoyl-CoA desaturases (SCD1 & SCD5) and the fatty acid profile in adipose tissue of cattle breeds in the Basque region".
  • Nº C38 "Big game species identification by High-Resolution-Melting".


Posters presented at the 26th Congress of the International Society of Forensic Genetics (2015)

    • Nº 34 "Development of a new 17 X-STR multiplex forhighergenetic resolution in forensic and anthropological studies".
    •  Nº 116 "Progress on the origing of the main European paternal lineage M269: Disection of the DF27 haplogroup in Basques".
    • Nº 146 Next generation sequencing as an alternative method of cloning PCR products for ancient DNA authentication".
    • Nº 319 "A grave in my garden. Genetic identification of Spanish Civil War victims".
    • Nº 408 "Big game species identification by high-resolution-melting".
    • Nº 409 "Efficacy of 12 STRs kit in cattle genotyping for forensic purposes".


  • Mitochondrial DNA analysis of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tisue samples: effect of formalin on DNA stability and its implications in genetic studies (mtDNA & FFPET)
  • Analysis of X-Chromosome STR markers in American populations of the Basque Diaspora (X-STRs DIASPORA)
  • Mitochondrial genes allow discrimination between three cynegetic species for forensic purposes (CYTB, COXI, 16S rRNA)
  • Diseño y optimización de un método basado en ADNc-dHPLC para el screening de mutaciones en PSEN1 (PSEN1 mutations)

  • Correlation between cognitive tests and the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in a group of autonomous residents (Cognitive tests & AD)